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Digital Media Artworks

The power of 'A picture speaks a thousand words' cannot be underestimated. Especially in the realm of social media which has people 'plugged in' 24X7, attractive artworks are a pre-requisite. Powered by clear and concise content and beautiful themes, We specialize in creating graphic artworks(in PSD) for social media, marketing collaterals, online flyers, emailers and web banners.


Branding & Identity

They say brands breathe. In order to make them thrive, the ethos you are meaning to reflect should be summed up in a logo, along with a tagline. Once it is in place, it becomes much easier to extend it on various platforms-online or offline. We can create brand concept notes which can really come in handy especially when you are looking to create a design that resonates with your audiences. If you get the first step right, rest is a cake walk.


Social Media Outreach

Common man is consuming brand stories, day in day out. Thanks to social media which has become an integral part of everyone's existence. In reality, we are all prosumers who create and share content we like. In this scenario, marketing your brand on social outlets has now become indispensable. We can guide you on how to kick start your brand story on social media engines-both organic & paid reach.


Influencer Connect

The digital era is also an 'influencer era'. You must familiarize yourself with people who can become potential opinion leaders for your brand. Let them build your credibility and become the voice of product/service you are offering. Get in touch if you are looking for blogger outreach and influencer led brand endorsements.


Content Knick Knacks

We specialize in non-technical writing and can do a decent job with respect to:-

  • Article Writing (Trending Topics)

  • Blog Posts (Trending Topics)

  • Reviews & Product Descriptions(non-technical)

  • Ghost Writing

  • Video Scripts

  • Taglines and Advertising Copy

  • E-books

  • Brand Statement of Purpose

  • Website Content for CMS

  • Jingles & PSAs


Online Reputation Management

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is an integral part of CRM(Client Relationship Management). We can manage and moderate your online CRM so that your brand maintains a stunning reputation online. Services rendered are:-

  • Garnering positive reviews/feedback on social media outlets

  • Google Reviews

  • Managing/moderating negative comments

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