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Top 5 myths about artificial intelligence that newbies have

"Hey Google, how's the weather today?..."Hey Alexa, switch on the light"..

You must have quoted the above a zillion times, and these personal assistants are at your beck and call. They are a part of our real world and participate in it more than we do! These intelligent agents perceive our environment, analyze complex data so that we can achieve our goal. The goal can be as simple as knowing the IPL score, playing a song, cracking a joke, setting an alarm or smoothly sailing through a messy traffic situation.

Some of world's best brains have said that AI will fully ease out our lives in the times to come. Industries have started making huge investments towards it to solve real-world problems and to further create products suited to the individual needs of their end customers. Even though such specific data is scattered across different platforms, AI systems provide valuable insights with new and improved outcomes.

On the academic side, AI has come a long way as there are many intensive training programs that can make a data scientist, a thorough AI professional. However, in reality, there are many myths and misunderstandings around the very concept of AI.

Few noobs have actually shared with us as to what amuses them most about AI. Read on, as I bust top 5 myths that exist in the universe of artificial intelligence.

Myth #1

AI will eat up human jobs

Doom-mongers oversimplify the fact that advancements in AI has the potential to replace human labor as all industries will become fully automated. But that's a wrong assumption.

AI technology is here to enable humans work in a smarter and a more productive way, Unemployment can never be an outcome of AI. On the contrary more professionals are required to handle such intelligent systems, so this is highly unlikely.


Myth #2

AI is just like human brain and has all its features

If you say that AI systems can feel joy, pain, sorrow or disappointment then you are wrong. It is just a package of software tools, math and logic that uses previous data to predict future outcomes.

They are devoid of human emotions. Also, if the conditions of the task change only a bit, the judgments can be wrong.



AI is expensive and meant only for biggies

Because AI is relatively new and disruptive, it is easier to assume that it comes with large costs which only big companies can afford. Its not true though. Surprisingly enough, you must have used AI today to chat with Siri, Alexa or Google assistant.

You may have used a personal health assistant in your meal planning phone app. Thus AI by all means, is accessible to common man.



AI is bias free and totally objective

Logically, algorithms do not have their own opinion so AI systems should give judgments that are free from any bias. But this is never the case.

Thanks to the biased human operators who eventually direct them to make correlations. How can the result be objective if the data fed into the system was biased itself?



AI means the end of human race

It is believed that humans will be rendered obsolete as machines will take over and enslave us. Wrong again because Terminator or Matrix like scenarios will never ever occur as there is a huge biological difference between humans an machines in terms of scope and capacity.

AI struggles to reason out and venture into the unknown, when taking on a knowledge transfer task. Thus it will only augment but will never replace human intelligence.

AI is applied mathematics with clear cut limitations. It is the new electricity and will bring about an equal transformation as once electricity did. Be ready to welcome the change. Or choose to lead it!

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