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Content ideas that work for Law Firm

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Its serious business when it is about law firms and thus I bring to you few ideas which can help you create engaging content for social media.

Law firms throughout the world have expanded their social media presence and have been able to acquire clients through platforms such as facebook, now known as Meta which also doubles up as a strong CRM tool. These firms got it right at the very beginning. They first shortlisted the platform where they wanted to create their presence and then penned down measurable goals. An aspiring content writer needs to do this, all the time. Now you cannot aspire to become socially omnipresent when your client is only starting out their social media journey i.e. it is highly ambitious if you think that you can churn engaging content for all of your client's social media channels and then have a generous following. As a thumb rule, first CREATE content and then let it rest for few months. This is the time when you let the search engines figure out the relevance of what you post. Let people interact. If what you post really helps them, they will engage by way of commenting and posting queries. This is the start point and you then straddle forward fighting all the clutter that exists. Interestingly, law firms are highly formal in nature and it can be a challenging task to give your content a friendly vibe, and which happens to be the most basic demand of social media. But then this can propel you to think out of the box, which is what will give you a special place in the highly competitive content market.

Like I stated earlier, once you have the platform figured out, it will be easier to implement the following content ideas.

Thought Leadership

A big word indeed, but it is an outcome of the vision your client holds. Being legal professionals, they are bound to have an opinion of their own on legal issues that are faced by the society. They may feel strongly about a new bill that has been passed and might want to steer ongoing dialogues in a certain direction. Now that the law firm has a voice of its own via website, blogs and social media, you being their content person should encourage them to opine via tweets, facebook posts or even appealing artworks dipped in rich content. This goes to show how knowledgeable your client is, and that they care about the social ecosystem they operate in.

Inspirational Quotes

The social space in legal genre can really look good if you choose to put inspiring quotes which either reflect your client's brand ethos or words which they abide by and/or believe in. Don't overdo it, and keep such posts to a minimum of once a week. #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom content rings a bell? Isn't it?

Decode Legal Jargons

Ordinary audiences engaged in different professions normally do not know about legal technical jargons and may face puzzling situations especially when they are already consulting a practicing lawyer for a certain case. Obviously google offers answers to most of the legal terminology, but its best if you create artworks (=creative expressions) which decode the meaning of heavily weighing legal words and which can be bitten, chewed and easily digested leaving the end consumer, inspired. In the end, they should feel they learnt something and know slightly better.

Informative Videos

This is primarily a logical extension of the above idea of DECODING LEGAL JARGONS. The intent is to again help online audiences figure out what a particular law means and the knowledge of which will hold great relevance in the current times. A one minute video explaining a particular law/terminology will be really impactful.

Important Days

International Women's Day, World Water Day, Science Fiction Day, Halloween Festivities, Christmas, New Years, so on and so forth. In the social media universe, never forget to wish netizens.

Legal Trivia

There are several legal quizzes which can prompt you to create special trivia posts and which you can consider posting on a certain day of the week. This is a great way of inviting responses from your audience.

Cause Events & Collaborations

Your client may choose to sponsor a plantation drive or run a marathon to support a cause. Well everything of this sort, deserves a round of applause from the online audiences. Going LIVE while this happens, posting CHECK-INS into the event venues will double the reach and invite newer audiences.


Blogging gives your client a voice, lets their personality shine through leaving them motivated. As stated earlier, get them to write on pressing issues that they feel strongly about, and post.

Conferences (Online or Offline)

If your client likes to participate and network in legal conferences, creating a buzz about them on social media can be really rewarding. Since you get to expand your client's connections here with more likes and follows, outcome of this also will be GOOD and ORIGINAL content, because such events mostly cover trending themes. If done to a t, this will help in social image building as well.

30 minute free consultation

The goal here is to not short sell your client, but to show how committed they are to serve people. If all it takes is a 15 or 30 minute free consultation, talking about it on social media will do no harm. An artwork with neatly displayed numbers on where the client can be reached will show how open and welcoming they are, when it comes to helping people with the correct legal advice.


Since modern era is an era of feedback and reviews, it is always a good idea to showcase 5 star reviews/testimonials/google reviews etc. on your social media. Don't even think twice here. Simply tell the world that your client is the best by voicing out the good things that your client's clients have to say about them. This deserves a shout.

Having said the above, always do a basic hygiene check of all social media handles and ensure that mentioned numbers and addresses are up to date and correct. You don't want people to face any issues locating your client's office to seek consultation when they want it. As for other things, what will ensure success is how regular you are in posting content and how you are able to capture the pulse of what trends online and sound it off at the right time.

Strap on. It is going to be a joy ride.

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