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Journaling and its numerous benefits

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Why keep a journal?

I find the art of writing extremely delightful because it lets you stay in constant touch with yourself while translating thoughts into words. Even if we remain temporarily distracted in this noisy world, our inner monologue never ceases to shut. Picture yourself in a space where no one judges you for what you write and how you write. That's much comforting because you and your thoughts steer clear of scrutiny. I am referring to the habit of 'journaling' here-a safe haven for your body, mind, and soul. Following the stream of consciousness and hearing your inner self heals you.

Only 15 minutes of daily journaling can change how you feel and deal with yourself.

Crossing mental barriers

In an era of constant surveillance where humans have become hyperactive spy cameras forming perceptions about you basis the digital footprint, don't you long your own company? Who needs continuous acknowledgment and acceptance when you have befriended your good self? All humans are designed to be articulate but fear being judged. This keeps us from revealing our inner world as it might expose our vulnerability. That's also perhaps why keeping and/or maintaining a journal is not commonly observed unless one is a writer. But you don't have to be a writer to write, is what I believe.

Life or a non-fiction novel?

Everyone's life can be called a non-fiction novel where they encounter different circumstances as a protagonist. People play different roles and characters as if it were a movie. The sweet-sour journey is composed of the thoughts we consciously think and the emotions we feel. The phenomenon is intense. Journaling allows our thoughts to break free from pretense. They come out raw and unchained.

Now whether to type or handwrite your journal is a choice that one is bound to make. In my opinion, using paper and pen is preferable and appropriate. Studies have proven that your brain benefits more from scribbling words as it can focus and learn more. Here are other advantages:-

  • Journaling reduces stress because when you write about your issues, they have less power over you.

  • Other than boosting creativity, it improves memory capacity.

  • Journaling expands your expressions and makes you feel heard in a self-absorbed world. Dear diary doubles up as a best friend and a confidant. This positively impacts your mental health.

  • It gives direction to random thoughts leading to clear self-expression.

I just bought a 200-page journal and have already begun unloading my life on it. I make it a point to read my past entries because it brings a strange relief. It is ok to pen down stuff that I know is relevant to my existence. I call it my 'Life Journal' because everything written there is a slice of life.

Would you like to keep a journal?

  • Yes, I will

  • No, I don't think so

  • Can't say. Depends if I can make time.

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