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Tips for managing social media for a law firm

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

You are a subject matter expert in the social media domain, but still, something holds you back. The fact that you are not a legal expert or a lawyer stares you in the face. Nonetheless, the job is to set goals and create a winning social media presence for your client. I am here to tell you how to achieve it or at least get a head start.

The comprehension of the legal universe is beyond the scope and reach of a layperson. Despite being a noob who has to google the legal industry jargon frequently, I have been able to pen a few tips to 'uncomplicate' things.

Law firm but what kind?

Legal firms are of different kinds. Boutique, Solo, Small, Large, Practice Area specific, so you got to figure out the type before you spill your creativity through words and design.

Once you know the type of law firm, it becomes easy to devise a time-bound social media content strategy. It must revolve around your client's areas of expertise. For instance, if your client provides real estate solutions, it is reasonable to highlight their strengths as expert closers. In your paragraphs, you can also mention how they give personal attention to their customers and how the overall turnaround time (TAT) is less if any client hands them their file. At the same time, you can transform their social media handles into power-packed CRM tools by setting automated responses/FAQs using the new-age Meta Business Suite or any other social CRM.

On the creative side, your artwork can use original visuals comprising inspirational quotes and must-know legal terminology. Preparing a social media calendar that spells out the content you plan to post on a particular day of the week is the best way to get started. Make sure to schedule posts and not miss any headline days. Post slowly but surely. More on this in another blog post.

Create Engaging Content

Lawyers are busy folks whose work-related priorities may not always be the same as yours. The real challenge is keeping your social media audience engaged when you don't have enough content to post. But how? First, research the trending topics in a particular legal domain and pick the most snackable one. Look for supportive #hashtags while you roll down the social media windows to share your thoughts with the readers. Fight for your client's time and brainstorm. Send them drafts and stay on course for corrections and changes. Legal professionals are wordsmiths. It is entirely upon you to extract the best from them.

Stun Your Readers

Every brand has a story. Make sure its told to those who matter.

Engage in a serious brainstorming session with your client where they sit with you and tell you how it all started and what inspired them to do what they do. Take notes and pen a script. If possible, visit your client's office and conduct a formal shoot that captures the brilliant minds in action. It may transform into something beautiful. Use these original visuals and link them to the script you wrote. In your content, harp upon the areas of expertise and various cornerstones of their success. Without being too pushy, insist on feedback.

Thought leadership Blogs

Lawyers are genuine powerhouses of knowledge and possess valuable insights on several topics. Let them pen a thought leadership blog. Furthermore, give them an idea of what's trending on Twitter and encourage them to speak their mind. This way, you open a two-way communication window that will help them know their audience better.


Original is powerful. It is best to create an image bank that you can use in social media work. You can then engage with a designer for static and dynamic graphics. Then wordsmith your way into creating social media posts to create a lasting impact on the audience. An editorial calendar is always the best way to get started.

Content is king remember, and whatever you put out there will be able to sustain itself if it is research-based, original, and easy to decode.

Let's get cracking.

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