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What we offer

Harness the power of good content

Digital Artworks

The power of 'A picture speaks a thousand words' cannot be underestimated. Especially in the realm of social media which has people 'plugged in' 24X7, attractive artworks are a pre-requisite. Powered by clear and concise content and beautiful themes, I specialize in creating graphic artworks(in PSD) for social media, marketing collaterals, online flyers, emailers and web banners.

Social Media Outreach

Common man is consuming brand stories, day in day out. Thanks to social media which has become an integral part of everyone's existence. In reality, we are all prosumers who create and share content we like. In this scenario, marketing your brand on social outlets has now become indispensable. I can guide you on how to kick start your brand story on social media engines-both organic & paid reach.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Content Knick Knacks

I specialize in creative writing, web content (online reviews, product descriptions etc.), business proposal drafts, video script writing, blogs, e-book writing, statement of purpose and any other non-technical content writing requirements that you may have. All of this is delivered keeping the deadlines in mind with no compromise on quality.

Image by Austin Distel

ORM(Online Reputation Management)

It is a known fact that in this digital age, customers like to make informed buying decisions and your brand image is more than just an attractive website or an amazing product. It is the 'experience' that counts which in turn is driven by online reviews (aka star ratings) which customers choose to leave on google and social media outlets. At the same time getting rid of any negative reviews/moderating them also becomes important. ORM is an integral part of CRM(Client Relationship Management). I can manage and moderate your online CRM so that your brand maintains a stunning reputation online. 


Branding & Identity

A digital identity is only possible when there is a symbolic representation of the business/service you are offering. Only then will there be a story to tell! The ethos you are meaning to reflect should be summed up in a logo, along with a tagline. If you want your brand to thrive digitally, a simple straightforward design which sticks in the mind of the readers, is bound to create a recall. I specialize in creating captivating logos (in PSD) and taglines which will surely resonate with your target audience.

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Influencer Outreach

The digital era is also an 'influencer era'. You must familiarize yourself with people who can become potential opinion leaders for your brand. Let them build your credibility and become the voice of product/service you are offering. No, these are not necessarily brand ambassadors, rather you can call them consumer ambassadors or key opinion leaders who enjoy a good fan following. I can conduct a research and connect you with such influencers.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

UX/Interactive Design

There is no dearth of cost-effective CMS(Content Management Systems) which are power packed with interactive themes so that you can create a home for yourself on the world wide web. I can do the basic set up here along with any content support which you may require on the way.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Digital Public Relations

I have a solid know-how of traditional PR tools and have kept myself abreast with developments in the digital PR domain as well. Get in touch if you are looking for someone to draft press releases, lend media monitoring support, create media invites, company profile, press notes, any other type of media collaterals. I can also help you establish a connect with KOLs(Key Opinion Leaders) which can lend credibility to the dialogues you are meaning to establish in media. Deadlines will be met diligently.

Image by Chris Montgomery
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